iPhone Applications That Help Your Business Thrive


And you thought your iPhone is just another typical gadget that’s made for the sole purpose of communication, or entertainment. Of course it is, but good thing we have in our world innovative people who do not tire finding ways to maximize what we already have – thus resulting in the invention of applications that does not only cater personal amusement, but more important things like those that help small businesses- and even large ones, prosper.

Below are some articles that you may find useful in knowing the important relationship between business and your iPhone.

14 Essential iPhone Apps for Small Business Users. This article showcases as many as 14 iPhone applications that an entrepreneur can use in relation to his business, from apps that enable user to access important files and folders from other computers to the ones that allow document viewing and editing. Here, you can also find a software list that supports scanned images – one which facilitates organization of expense records and data security. With prices ranging from $0.99 to $15, purchase these applications in the App store.


50+ Free iPhone Apps to Make You Richer. Gathering more than 50 apps, this article features useful software that deals all about money: banking, financial news and price quotes, international finance, loan and mortgage tool, personal finance, tip calculation, and miscellaneous finance applications – name it. And did I point out all the applications mentioned in this post are free? So if you value money, and I know you do, check this one out. Useful applications come in free packages, too, you know.

Track your time using Freshbooks on your iPhone!

7 Handy iPhone Apps For Your Work. This post presents seven iPhone business applications including those that manage and organize scanned receipts or business cards, send invoices to your clients, or monitor your time and your staff’s work progress, among others. Now you can carry your paper works anytime, anywhere, with only your fingertips as the main requirement.

The term is “maximize” – your time, your money, your device. Do not be afraid to try out new things, especially in the world of business, where everything changes from time to time.

Handling your business does not have to be that bad and all stressful; listen to the music, play games, text, or call a friend. After all, you are using your iPhone. What more can you ask for?

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