3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Receipts

Are you the kind who just “looooves” to see the desk space so cluttered with documents, papers or receipts?

You are probably not that kind of person but your desk space might be cluttered just the same.

Receipts are very crucial for your business and you just can’t get rid of them that easily – like only after a year. They scatter themselves and seem to play hide and seek whenever you need them to be documented. True?

Well, you really don’t need to fret about receipts that are in the state of chaos on your work desk nor do you need to acquire organizational tools like colorful pens or markers, envelopes, folders, an office box or even a closet for them to be put in place. That will be very time-consuming and not to mention tedious. At the end of the day, you might be considering to hire an accountant or a financial faculty, which would be worse because you would end up spending a lot.

Organizing your receipts is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you can do it yourself. Here’s how:

1. Collect your receipts.

Don’t bother segregating them by date, by month, by year or by whatever category. Just gather them.

2. Use a receipt scanner.

There are lots of receipt scanners that you can obtain online or offline. They come in diverse sizes, weights, brands, portability, speed, design, etc. Buy the receipt scanner that suits your computer system. Some receipt scanners are already packaged with a software. Once you have the scanner, you can feed the receipt in. Using it, save the file into your computer.

3. Sign up or log in to an online receipt organizing site.

You can find online sites that organize your receipts for you. All you need to do is sign up if you haven’t got one. If you have subscribed, you can send your scanned receipts online. You physically don’t have to do anything – aside from tapping your fingers onto your keyboard to key in the information that is required of you. This may cost you a little for your subscription but, what is it compared to the trouble that you will have in organizing your receipts yourself?

The next time you have new receipts coming, don’t leave them cluttering again around your work desk. Do these steps immediately to organize your receipts and you’ll be off this workload in no time…Unless you want the past to repeat itself.

Have fun organizing your receipts!

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