Using Shoeboxed and a Virtual Assistant to Automate Expenses


One of the benefits to living in today’s day and age is automation and communication.  Still, many business owners fail to realize the powerful cost-effectiveness that’s available through the Internet.  Rather than spending loads of time tracking expenses, using a virtual assistant (hired help through the Internet) in conjunction with Shoeboxed can free up valuable time that you can use to push your business forward in ways that you’ve never though possible.

What is a virtual assistant?

In essence, a virtual assistant is a hired worker that does their job virtually.  They can be domestic or overseas, but often you get more bang for your buck offshore.  For example, a typical VA in the Philippines costs around $350 a month full-time – as opposed to the same VA costing about 4 or 5 times that amount.  Obviously, the better skilled the VA the more they charge.

Technology and your virtual assistant, the perfect combination

Now, here’s where the automation comes in.  If you use a great receipt scanning service like Shoeboxed to automatically scan and track all of your receipts, you can also have your Virtual assistant track everything else.

For example, say that you often have to drive to meet clients.  Rather than writing down your mileage and entering it into your expensing software yourself, send your virtual assistant a voicemail or email and have them do it for you.  You can also give them access to your calendar and have them figure out the mileage before you even go using Google maps.  That’s right, full automation.

How do I begin to automate my expenses?

While it may seem daunting, automating your expenses and hiring a virtual assistant is really, really easy.

The first place to start is to sign up for receipt scanning expense software.  This will make sure that you maximize your tax deductions for the year.  Click here to sign up for Shoeboxed.

Next, find a low-cost virtual assistant to help you automate your expenses and also help you to leverage other business processes.  We recommend using Virtual Staff Finder for this.  Here’s why:

  • They are in the Philippines and actively look for the best candidate to meet your needs.
  • They have been in the virtual staffing business for years.
  • You don’t have a lame % charged every month for their overhead like a normal staffing agency.  Your VA is your VA and you pay them directly (Approximately $350/mo for full-time work depending on the skill set).
  • Before they even find candidates for you they guide you on how to best work with them.
  • They save you time, which is your most valuable asset.

If you are serious about automating your business, becoming the CEO rather than working in your company, and about taking it to the next level – Click here to get a virtual assistant with Virtual Staff Finder.

Why We Keep Harping On Shoeboxed – Because It’s the Best Receipt Scanner

Out of all of the receipt scanner reviews that we’ve done, the one that stands out most is  Including this review, we’ve mentioned it three times.  Now, that’s quite a lot for a site like this – but we believe in this product so much that we can’t help but sing its praises.

If you are in any kind of business and want to reduce your taxes, there is no better solution than Shoeboxed, and here’s why:

  1. Shoeboxed is not your normal receipt scanner.  Think of it more like Netflix for your receipts.  Rather than running your documents one-by-one through a scanner, you put your receipts into a paid-for envelope that the service provides and you send the receipts to them.  That means that you spend about 5 minutes (if that) taking care of your receipts.
  2. If you have a ton of receipts, with some plans you can send them all of your receipts and they will record all of them for you at no charge.  Even if you have thousands, they’ll catch you up.
  3. If you’d rather track your expenses for FREE, you can just use your mobile device to take a picture with their iPhone application and keep track of your receipts in real-time.  It’s not just a free trial but a forever-free account.

While there are a lot of sleek options out there for receipt scanners, the best receipt scanner by far is Shoeboxed.  Rather than having to spend time running sheet-by-sheet through a scanner, you simply put your receipts in an envelope at the end of the month or track them in real-time with your mobile device.  After than, you can integrate the data with your bookkeeping software – which means you don’t have to pay a high-priced accountant to keep track of your finances.

Save yourself a lot of time, and maximize your tax annual tax deductions – sign up for a FREE account with Shoeboxed and take the hassle out of tracking your expenses.

Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 Document Imaging Scanner Review

Epson has done it again! Being one of the leading manufacturers of digital imaging products, this company has created yet again one exceptional invention – the Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 document image scanner.

Are you ready to find out what this beauty has to offer?

Scan as many as you can. With a scanning capability of up to 1200 sheets per day, scanning large volumes of paperwork can be done without hassle, as it immediately scans both sides of one sheet with a speed of 25 ppm and 50 ipm at the push of one button.Also,the feeder can actually hold up to 75 pages – how reliable is that?

Different sizes of paper? Not a problem. With its versatile paper handling capabilities, it is able to detect paper size the moment it is fed, from plastic identification cards to papers as large as 8.5 x 36 inches, and take note of this – ALL AT ONE TIME!

Best software deals. It does not include only one, but two drivers namely ISIS and TWAIN which immediately converts your scanned documents into PDF and other file types. It also takes care of your business card details using OCR technology – no wonder it is Kofax VRS certified!

The Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 Document Imaging Scanner

This specific detail is worth mentioning last, because it is the most important. Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 document image scanner boasts its support for the environment by using the ReadyScanTM LED technology where there is no mercury and no warm up time needed. And the result? Lesser energy consumption.

With goals only to provide people with fast, reliable, and environment-friendly document image scanner, this product has undoubtedly stood out above other scanners in the market.

What are you waiting for? Get your Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 now and be stunningly amazed!

Tax Professionals – Where to Find Them

Surely almost everyone currently can use the technology resourcefully, including in the case of tax-filing. Last year, only 30% of the total taxpayers did the process personally, and then the rest used what is now popularly known as e-filing – and the best way to do it would be to seek the services of a tax professional. This post can tell you how to find them.

But first, who particularly are the so-called tax professionals? What certifications do they hold? And what makes them significant?

Tax professionals consist of people with remarkable understanding on tax planning. They’re usually Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Accountants, Tax Preparers and Attorneys. A number of them are needed to go through a special tax law examination and are required to have continuing education. Given that tax laws never stand still, these experts are highly recommended for they have the adequate awareness on significant tax benefits such as certain discounts that only applies to a variety of taxpayers. And because they are governed by a strict code of ethics and standards of professional conduct, the safety of your files isn’t much of an issue. They’re important merely because they make a tiresome procedure so easy and manageable, not to mention, safe, too.

There are many of ways to locate tax professionals. Their names and contact details are all around the internet, you could also search for it in the newspapers or in telephone directories. But to make the process much easier, I have put together a number of the sites that provide tax services all around the United States. Here are some:

National Association of Tax Professionals – A team of people who gives support, education, and research services to tax professionals located in the United States for more than 20 years.

H & R Block – Known as the greatest tax preparation firm in the United States, H&R Block offers not merely tax service to over 22 million customers but also banking, personal finance, and business consulting services throughout the States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. – Offers a wide array of tax preparation services in the States such as federal, state, and local individual income taxes, with offices situated inside Wal-Mart and Kmart stores for ease and convenience of clients.

Liberty Tax Service – Named as the fastest-growing international tax preparation firm in the world as of 2010, this company aims on giving tax services to individuals as well as small businesses based in the United States and Canada.

IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) – A group of trained community volunteers who provides free tax return preparation support to individuals who generate low to moderate incomes and seniors aged 60 and above.

Even though the process can be safe with tax professionals, it is always recommended to check the credibility of the person you employed. If you have complaints against a tax professional or you know someone who wants to file for a complaint, you are encouraged to report them to the IRS.

Canon ImageFORMULA P-150 Portable Receipt Scanner “Scan-tini” Review

Canon’s imageFORMULA P-150 portable document scanner features are the epitome of one stylish, portable, easy-to-use scanner. Being Canon’s first product to represent the personal scanner market, “Scan-tini”, as it is also known, caters not only to professionals who are home or office-based, but those who are always on the go.

Environment-friendly. Designed with the environment as a priority, Canon ImageFORMULA P-150 complies with ENERGY STAR® Program guidelines and RoHS and WEEE directives for effecient use of energy and hazardous substance and waste product reduction. And since it’s USB-powered, the use of external batteries are needed no more. Trully an energy-saver.

Simple and ready-to-use scanner. WIth its “Plug-and-Scan” capability, scanning documents has never been quicker as the scanner is embedded with Canon CaptureOnTouch Lite software (for Windows) that quickly launches the moment it is connected through the USB port. Now you can say goodbye to following long and confusing setup instructions.

Flexibility in a small package. Canon’s imageFORMULA P-150 portable document scanner has the ability to scan 15 pages per minute in black and white or colored and skip blank pages. It also features a more secure storage and retrieval system, Advanced Text Enhancement II, and Rapid Recovery that enables the user to scan a variety of documents with exceptional image quality in a matter of time.

Portable, practical, and productive – are the right three words to describe imageFORMULA P-150 document scanner. Efficiently small and lightweight, it can trully fulfill your scanning needs at any given place. Start being productive, have your very own Canon imageFORMULA P-150 document scanner today!

The Reasons Why It Is Vital to Request For A Receipt

Oftentimes we get so engaged or preoccupied with important stuff that we are likely to overlook the tiny ones which matter more. Like, parking in a restricted place that caused you a day’s meal, neglecting to put your rubbish in the trash can that resulted you to a month-long community service, or just plainly forgetting to ask for your receipt that prompted you to be contented of a merchandise that is not so satisfactory.

Yes, we regularly do that, and we can do something to avoid it from even taking place.

I’ll take the forgetting-to-ask-for-a-receipt situation.

Receipts, what exactly are they? Why are these small pieces of paper that has an ink erasable within a week’s time so vital for customers? Receipts are proofs of transactions. It contains information like the establishment’s name and contact information, items or services bought, specific product price as well as the overall quantity paid. It’s extremely important, both for the consumers, as well as the government.

For the consumers:

First, it’s the only evidence of your purchase. If you are unhappy with your merchandise, say, a set of pants that does not fit well on the individual you just bought it to, you could use the receipt to change the clothing to your preferred size or maybe you can find another fabulous pair. Some shops has limited range of days wherein you’re allowed to change the item, and some doesn’t have limitations at all. Just be sure to return the item in good condition.

Next, you can take advantage of it for warranty intentions. If you’ve enjoyed the item in a month’s duration before it gave you a problem, just show the receipt and get cost-free repair services or change destroyed components that are included in the warranty policy.

Third, it can be used to check your expenditures. It’s vital to determine where your finances goes, so that you can take control of your spending. The majority of the paper receipts nowadays have inks that are quickly wiped out so it’s essential to keep a copy of it straight away. You can photocopy it or keep an electronic duplicate through a receipt scanner.

For the authority:

One of the things that assures the registration of a business company is through its capacity to issue an official receipt. To make certain that companies are proclaiming the correct amount of revenue and that they are paying the correct amount of taxes, they are required to give an official receipt and the customer has the right to always request one.

So the next time you opt for a manicure or get a cake, demand a receipt, and if the establishment denies you one, you are always welcome to expose them to the authorities.

Very Simple But Serious Errors Several Taxpayers Make

Several months from today, another tax season will be held. This paves way for some people to get ready this early by managing a list of what to do, what stuff to get ready, or addresses to locate people who ­can assist them to do their taxes a lot easier.­­­­­­­­­ What they overlook at times include the simplest things they usually do, that in the long run, can only bring them a huge chunk of disappointment.

Here are some the most simple yet the most serious flaws a taxpayer commits:

Executing the math incorrectly. Set that calculator out and never do the expenses without assistance from the device. Save time and do the math right so that the process will be as smooth as silk. Check the figures, have it go through an additional pair of meticulous eyes.

Incorrect status. Some people have a tendency to lie about their statuses to spare discounts. Others might have been capable of getting away with this, but what happens if you’re one of those who are unlucky?Easy. Simply be prepared to confront your consequence and pay for a heavier price by means of a fine. Be honest.

Undiscovered reductions. Reduce tax expenses by being aware of what selected deductions apply to you. Inquire about it from the people who consumed years in working with taxes. With the ever changing tax regulations, one can never be that informed with everything, so it’s very important to be one of the individuals who are rightfully told.

Forgetting charity works. Failing to contribute some of the abandoned items one has is among the common mistakes taxpayers do. Plan a specific time each year where you get to bring back to the society, but don’t forget to request a receipt! It won’t only offer you a return, it may also keep your abode a space, and most importantly, give you a unique type of joy.

Filing errors. Incorrect social security numbers, addresses, or failing to use the right tax table doesn’t only lead to the postponement of the whole procedure, it will likewise immediately enable the IRS to decline your deductions and credits. That’s why, when entering information, make sure to write legibly and precisely to prevent future problems.

Cramming. This is most likely the most typical but most avoidable error of a taxpayer. Don’t wait until March for tax preparation. Get ready as soon as you can. Stay away from undesired feelings of anxiety and worries. Be prepared and you will see yourself reaping the seeds of your effort in no time.

You should be all set right now. Besides, you now know what to avoid.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 Sheetfed Scanner Review

Explore a different world of scanning with Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 sheetfed scanner. Capable of scanning for up to 8 double-sided pages in only 60 seconds, working with receipts and other documents can be as fast as lightning.

What else does this scanner have to be worthy of one’s trust and utmost confidence?

One package, overall performance. Holding the title as the smallest Fujitsu scanner, the ScanSnap S1300 can hold 10 pages and a click of a button is all that it takes for the scanner to do its thing. It can quickly convert scanned images into searchable PDF format, paving the way for the document’s easy organization and management.

Portability at its best. Absence of an AC power source will never become a problem for Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 since it can fully be operated through utilizing a USB bus power cable, just make sure that the PC has two USB ports, for power feeding and for USB cable connection.

PC- and MAC-ready. The ScanSnap S1300’s Quick Menu enables user to make scanning intentions easier just by pressing the scan button. So whether you scan for storage to a folder, for email, or for printing, this scanner will make everything without dropping a single sweat. You can also scan business cards, extract information, and save it into a Word or Excel file.

And it comes with a one-year warranty with a support center that responds immediately should one encounter trouble with anything. We’ve come across a variety of scanning products and this is the best one we’ve seen so far. So if you are looking for a scanner that’s incredible at home or at work, never hesitate to buy one of Fujitsu’s ScanSnap S1300 , a sheetfed scanner like no other.

Shoeboxed Plus Freshbooks – The Perfect Combination

You can’t really know the value of a thing unless you try it. In the field of business where trial and error scheme is widely used, every slightest bit of an idea that springs into an entrepreneur’s mind must be tried in order to know what works for the company best, and what does not. And I am here to talk about what does.

By that I meant trying out Shoeboxed and Freshbooks, together, in your business, yes. Let me give you an overview of how each one functions, when they are separated.

Shoeboxed is a service based online that specializes in organizing receipts. It works this way: you send all your receipts through a prepaid envelope, they scan, label, and manage your expense reports – so you’ll just log in to your account and retrieve your once sent paper files into a searchable digitized format on any computer.

Freshbooks, is like Shoeboxed, in a way that it is based online. However, they vary greatly in terms of what they offer since Freshbooks provides invoicing services – one that makes billing and receiving money from clients lightning-fast. It can also be used to keep track of your and your team’s progress, so that past deadlines are nothing but mere memories.

But what happens when they combine? The answer is, magic.

Freshbooks and Shoeboxed - The Perfect Combination!

Why? First, you can get paid as quickly as possible. Here’s how it works: Shoeboxed does the digitizing of your paper receipts and turns it into an invoice, Freshbooks gets the invoice and charges it to your client (even directly to their credit cards!). It’s that easy! Say goodbye to hours of expense reporting. Second, save a huge amount of time (because you are delegating the job!). Here’s how: Shoeboxed does all the organizing for you, so that your time spent on the receipt recording will be done by someone else. Creating an invoice is a tough work, especially when your business is so wide it caters different countries, and hence, different currencies. But worry about that no more, because Freshbooks can actually do that for you. The common denominator is: time saved. Time, that must have been spent in more meaningful activities such as developing great ideas for your company or finding more ways to expand it. How productive is that? Third, it saves you money. Lots of it. How? Since Shoeboxed does everything for your receipts, it saves you energy, electrical, for example. It might be a small thing but sum it all up and you’ll see. Freshbooks, however, does money-saving by limiting the cash you spend sending envelopes containing invoices to your clients. Why spend for the paper and the mailing when you can send the bills online for an affordable amount? You just actually saved earth, additionally.

You see, a businessman’s day isn’t easy. Meeting with clients, dealing with subordinates, accomplishing gruesome deadlines – it’s not really a typical day for an ordinary person. It must be the reason why Shoeboxed and Freshbooks are made, to make the businessman’s day a normal one, and a very productive one as well.

iPhone Applications That Help Your Business Thrive

And you thought your iPhone is just another typical gadget that’s made for the sole purpose of communication, or entertainment. Of course it is, but good thing we have in our world innovative people who do not tire finding ways to maximize what we already have – thus resulting in the invention of applications that does not only cater personal amusement, but more important things like those that help small businesses- and even large ones, prosper.

Below are some articles that you may find useful in knowing the important relationship between business and your iPhone.

14 Essential iPhone Apps for Small Business Users. This article showcases as many as 14 iPhone applications that an entrepreneur can use in relation to his business, from apps that enable user to access important files and folders from other computers to the ones that allow document viewing and editing. Here, you can also find a software list that supports scanned images – one which facilitates organization of expense records and data security. With prices ranging from $0.99 to $15, purchase these applications in the App store.


50+ Free iPhone Apps to Make You Richer. Gathering more than 50 apps, this article features useful software that deals all about money: banking, financial news and price quotes, international finance, loan and mortgage tool, personal finance, tip calculation, and miscellaneous finance applications – name it. And did I point out all the applications mentioned in this post are free? So if you value money, and I know you do, check this one out. Useful applications come in free packages, too, you know.

Track your time using Freshbooks on your iPhone!

7 Handy iPhone Apps For Your Work. This post presents seven iPhone business applications including those that manage and organize scanned receipts or business cards, send invoices to your clients, or monitor your time and your staff’s work progress, among others. Now you can carry your paper works anytime, anywhere, with only your fingertips as the main requirement.

The term is “maximize” – your time, your money, your device. Do not be afraid to try out new things, especially in the world of business, where everything changes from time to time.

Handling your business does not have to be that bad and all stressful; listen to the music, play games, text, or call a friend. After all, you are using your iPhone. What more can you ask for?